How She Gets To Bed: Shaina Kerrigan, Founder & CEO of Molly Jones

How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re elated to feature Shaina Kerrigan, the founder and CEO of Molly Jones, a CBD-infused confections company. Ensuring quality and authenticity by creating small-batch, handcrafted CBD gumdrops, Molly Jones offers a cutting-edge wellness experience that is equally delicious as it is beautifully packaged. Molly Jones strives to “spread the chill,” educating women on the benefits of CBD edibles. Without further ado, here is how she gets to bed. 💤

Shaina’s Background

Industry: CBD
Occupation: Founder & CEO of Molly Jones!
Location: Bay Area, California
Awake by: I usually wake up when either a child or a puppy jump up onto my bed, usually around 7:00 AM.
Asleep by: 9:00 PM (seriously). I love getting a lot of sleep!

On the Day-to-Day

I’m the owner of a CBD confections company (think Sugarfina but for CBD), so I wear many hats in my day-to-day. I jump around from strategizing for the long-term to managing our social media and marketing to fulfilling orders.

Products to Get Unready

On the nights when I know I need to get a good night’s sleep, I start by eating a CBD gumdrop about 20 minutes before bedtime to give it time to kick in by the time I lay my head down. Then I start my nightly routine with a mini facial of iS Clinical Cleansing Complex and Luzern Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme.

Activities to Relax

I love to relax to music — Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Billie Holiday, and Miles Davis are some regulars on our speakers at home. Sometimes I’ll have a nightcap glass of wine, but most of the time, I’ll have a CBD gumdrop to relax my body and wind down after a long day.

Late Night Snacks

Chocolate, always my weakness! 🍫

Nighttime Routine

5:00 PM — Come home and play with the kids
6:00 PM— Start dinner and help kids with homework
7:00 PM— Eat dinner with the family
7:30 PM — Turn a movie on for the kids, eat a CBD gumdrop, and relax in our music room with my husband to recap our day and anything that’s top of mind
8:30 PM — Read to kids bed and tuck them in
9:00 PM — Go through nightly sleep rep ritual, and lay in bed with a good book if I’m caught up in one

Follow Molly Jones on Instagram (@mollyjones.mj) and treat yourself to some of Molly Jones’s CBD confections!

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The nightly newsletter to uplift and relax you right before bedtime. Subscribe at Submit a guest blog post to