How She Gets to Bed: Frances Tang, Founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials

How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re beyond ecstatic to feature Frances Tang, founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials, a company that makes products that address the unspoken parts of hygiene. She is also the inventor of the dripstick — an after sex cleanup sponge. Outside of her company, she’s a super cheerleader for fearlessness, trying new hobbies, and ice cream. She’s had over 13 jobs over the past decade and definitely identifies as a multi-potentialite! Without further ado, here is how she gets to bed. 💤

About Awkward Essentials

Frances is the inventor of the dripstick — an after sex cleanup sponge. She was super tired of the after sex clean up, drips, and dirty sheets. After looking for a solution and not finding one, she decided to invent it. With a background ranging from hula dancing to baking to wedding photography, she never intended to build a company around post-sex cleanup. However, after accidentally launching in the UK a month before she got married, Frances built one anyway.

Frances’s Background

Industry: Feminine care
Occupation: Founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials
Location: Orange County, CA
Awake by: 6:00 AM
Asleep by: 11:00 PM
Personal Social Handles: @lafrancesdances and LinkedIn

On the Day-to-Day

I wake up around 6 AM and do a short workout, then head to our office. As an early stage startup, every day is different! Some days I’m packing product and swag, other days I’m in back to back meetings. We’re a feminine hygiene company with a very cheeky product and we like to keep our marketing pretty weird, so there’s always interesting items in the office — right now we have hundreds of Twinkies and a gang of Barbie dolls ….

Activities to Relax

I’m a huge fan of active distraction. Regular relaxation recommendations don’t work for me (yoga, meditation) so I look for activities that require my full attention (to truly take my mind off work!). Some nights I’m hanging off an aerial silk, and others I’m shooting engagement photos. I’m also a huge fan of baking — which is where the inspiration for our flagship product, the dripstick, came from!!!

Products to Get Unready

I basically did a cross search of the top products on EWG that are available on Amazon and use those. I’m an efficiency weirdo.

Late Night Snacks

Tillamook ice cream! My grandfather religiously ate ice cream every day so I guess you could say it’s genetic.

Nighttime Routine

6:30pm — Get home from the office and immediately throw on comfier clothing

7:00pm — Eat food prepared at the beginning of the week, or scrounging around for something I can pull together and call a meal. I will 100% admit that my ramen consumption has gone up lately … #founderproblems

8:00pm — I’ve been doing a lot more evening zoom catch ups lately in lieu of seeing people!

9:00pm — Brush teeth and change into my favorite outfit (PJs). Afterwards I’ll work through some additional emails, pull together a rough outline of what needs to be done the next day, and occasionally poke my husband for no good reason other than the fact he’s paying attention to his video game.

10:00pm — Attempt to read and typically fall asleep with the Kindle in my hand

Follow Awkward Essentials on Instagram (@awkwardessentials), Twitter (@awkessentials), and Facebook! Check out Awkward Essentials and yourself a dripstick sponge to make post-sex cleanup easy.

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