How She Gets to Bed: Diana Morales of Good Millennial

How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re very excited to feature Diana Morales of Good Millennial, a platform dedicated to millennial lifestyle, sharing factual news and information, and providing useful information for multiple generations. She is an elder millennial running the Good Millennial social media handle and soon-to-be released newsletter. She is a communications professional by day who loves to stay active, tries to eat clean, and loves to snuggle her pups. Without further ado, here is how she gets to bed. 💤

Diana’s Background

Industry: Advertising/Marketing
Occupation: Digital Strategist — I design and implement social media plans and campaigns for business all over the county.
Age: 35
Location: Virginia
Awake by: 6:30 AM
Asleep by: 11:00 PM
Social Media: @missdianamorales

On the Day-to-Day

My day is usually busy with client work, social media management, strategy meetings, and content creation.

Activities to Relax

I like to turn off my email by 6 PM if I can because I work in communications. This isn’t always achievable if we have projects that need to go out urgently. After shutting down business for the day, I like to take long walks, sometimes hikes, ride my bike — or dance in my bedroom. Sometimes I’ll catch up on TV or read!

Products to Get Unready

I’m pretty married to my skincare routines. I like to wash the day off my face (Dr. Bronners Peppermint wash is my favorite)– and then proceed with a routine that includes The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum, St. Jane Face Serum, and Tata Harpers Restorative Eye Creme. The last two are a little fancy, but when you get to your mid-30’s investing in good skincare is a must you can swing it.

Late Night Snacks

No late night snacking here, but a mineral water if I need something extra.

Nighttime Routine

7:00 PM — Catch up on my favorite shows, on Monday’s I love watch The Bachelor franchise live.

8:45 PM — Let my pups out one more time before bed.

9:15 PM–9:30 PM— My nighttime skin routine.

9:30 PM–9:45 PM — Open my social medias one last time.

10:00 PM–11:00 PM — Try to wind down after the day by either reading or journaling. I love prompted meditation journals, like Heart Talk by Cleo Wade.

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