How She Gets To Bed: Arielle Kaplan & Rachel Wainz, Co-Founders of Oral History

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Photo by Rachel Wainz

How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re thrilled to feature Arielle Kaplan & Rachel Wainz, the co-founders of Oral History, a podcast about seductresses from Cleopatra to Jessica Rabbit. Co-host Arielle does not like to call herself a content creator, but that’s simply what she is. Walking the line between raunchy and educational, she writes features on Jewish culture and runs the digital sex positive community Whoregasmic. The other half of this stellar duo is Rachel, a standup comedian and part-time gamer girl. Her hobbies include making soup, watching the same five TV shows over and over again, and ordering Chinese food. Without further ado, here is how they get to bed. 💤

(Editor’s note: tagging this post as NSFW, so save it for bedtime 🙂)

Arielle’s Background

Industry: Journalism
Occupation: Co-Founder of Oral History and Freelance Digital Creator on Judaism and sex
Age: 25
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Awake by: 8:00 AM
Asleep by: 2:00 AM
Social Handles: @buffyfangirl94, @ariellewastaken, @whoregasmic, and @whoregasmic2

Rachel’s Background

Industry: Media
Occupation: By day, she is a Digital Manager for an online media company, developing social media strategy to grow her audience. By night, she’s either working on new material or researching a new seductress as Co-Founder of Oral History
Age: 25
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Awake by: 6:30 AM
Asleep by: 12:00 AM
Social Handles: @rachel.wainz

Late Night Snacks

Arielle: Bodega ramen, frosted flakes with whole milk, and wine.

Rachel: Wine, Chinese food leftovers, or a can of corn … yes, really.

Products to Get Unready

Arielle: I use micellar water to wipe off any dirt or makeup before washing my face with CeraVe. Afterwards I use a dermatologist prescribed ointment for acne. Then I glance at the fancy skincare products I don’t use and stare at myself in the mirror examining my pores until my face is dry and ready for some CeraVe night lotion.

Rachel: About six months ago I frantically walked into a Sephora and asked the first employee I saw to recommend a realistic skincare routine. She then listed a 10-step routine and I immediately realized I was out of my league. I left with two products: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (which make my face feel like that TV show Naked and Afraid … but in a good way), and Dr. Jart+ (or as he’s known in this household, daddy Jart) Tiger Grass Cream. The other product I use daily is Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser, which I got from a PR company through work and I am dreading the day I run out because I’m too cheap to buy it again … alas, there’s always CeraVe.

Activities to Relax

Arielle: After I bid Rachel adieu, I think about painting my nails and decide against it because I know I’ll mess them up in my sleep. Then I futz around in my bedroom and rearrange things. I’ll smoke a little weed, realize it’s already midnight, and before I know it I’ve been masturbating for an hour and I pass out at 2 AM cuddling my vibrator.

Rachel: Recently, Arielle and I have been working our way through Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It’s my first time ever watching the series and I’m proud to say that so far, I am indeed keeping up. (Like, 8 seasons in a month, keeping up … ) Oh, and the two w’s: wine + weed. (Sorry, mom.)

Nighttime Routine

7:00PM — I schmooze with Rachel about the Oral History strategy for the week and think about how Delilah got Samson to reveal the source of his strength by blue balling him (episode seven).

8:00PM — Log off work and watch the Kardashians or SVU with Rachel.

8:45PM — I think about going for a walk. Sometimes I do, other times the Kardashians take precedent.

10:00PM — Warm up a bowl of bodega ramen and eat whipped cream out of the bottle while I wait.

7:00 PM — Some days, I’m just now logging off work. Because we’re all stuck in the eternal time-loop of quarantine, I like to do something “active” to separates my work day from my personal time — aka I think about going for a walk and then decide to make an elaborate dinner instead.

8:00 PM — By now, Arielle and I are working on Oral History and personal projects … which usually looks like us sitting in front of our television with reruns of SVU or KUWTK playing in the background as we edit a new episode, do research on our next seductress, or reach out to potential journalists to share our podcast.

9:00 PM — I eat second dinner aka I snack on the food that was supposed to be used for “meal prep lunch” tomorrow.

10:00 PM — At this point, I like to do advanced mathematics to figure out the ideal time for going to bed. I say to myself: “Self, if you go to your room now, you can spend 30 minutes looking through emails, and get 30 minutes of uninterrupted TikTok time … “and I look a lot like that meme. (You know the one.)

11:00 PM — I used to take a hit of weed before bed, but over the last month, it’s been making me anxious. So instead to help me fall asleep, I masturbate. It’s my way of telling my body it’s time to relax and to reward it for, lets be real, a long ass day. I get that O and drift into a sweet slumber.

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